How to use hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose to improve the performance and quality of ready-mixed mortar

How to improve the performance and quality of ready-mixed mortar with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
First, from the quality management of ready-mixed mortar, to ensure the quality of mortar production-transport-transport-gas feed tank mortar. In particular, to solve the problem of apartheid, we must pay special attention to every link, finished goods warehouse, storage enterprise, must have mechanical measures to ensure the balance of mortar, prevent the mortar from causing a higher variance of the tail; and prevent the reliability of the tank and storage For long-term memory materials, the ready-to-mix mortar technology service center has a concrete and feasible solution to ensure a balanced mortar.
Second, the problem of premixed mortar transportation. At present, most of the bulk transportation, this mode of transportation is simple, but the receipt of materials for charging and transportation will inevitably lead to the separation of mortar. If there is no strong management skills and methods for loading and transporting, the problem of mortar segregation will be more serious. Specifically, most of the car mortar management and head length shrinkage: the driver installs the mortar installation, the bulk car back and forth on the brakes, the movement of the mortar is converted into a reciprocating fixture, and the coarse aggregate sinks. The most common laboratory technicians in our factory for mortar samples and on-site sampling, with longer sampling of sampling equipment. Because the car surface is about 30 cm powder (cement, fly ash, additive), the mortar layer is very serious. When the premixed mortar is loaded into the vehicle, the car will compress the gas into the storage tank site, and the tank will be in the field. The plate, under the action of compressed gas, the mortar in the tank is the distance that does not cause long-term flow. Let's not talk about the design of the station tank treatment. In bulk trucks, the ready-mixed mortar itself is not uniform. In the proper proportion, the natural gas transport mortar has a large size, and the tanks have different degrees in the field of ready-mixed mortar. Layer and isolation.
Third, the company detected each tank by tracking 15 tank discharges, and each tank was interrupted 5 times, 5 times with different degrees of difference (response changes, sand, cement, blending ratio). By testing a range of technical indicators and wall tests, there are several significant differences between performance. The above are products of the same specifications and models. Because the product is more evenly sampled in the mixer, there is no delamination or segregation, but the product's movement, processing, and storage segregation, in severe cases, the stratification exceeds the standard, which is a mortar that is prone to segregation. It is difficult to apply and harden cement mortar stratification; generally not more than 30mm; stratified through mortar is small or close to zero, although water is very strong, no segregation phenomenon, but usually the content of this mortar cementing material is too much, or fine The aggregate is fine and easy to produce shrinkage cracks, so usually the mortar layer should not be less than 10mm. Therefore, the site uses the car to fill the floor with the mortar. Once the floor is put into use, the wall is again mixed (mixed) with the shovel water.
In response to this problem, China has developed a new type of bulk transport vehicle. The principle of discharge is: when the material of the hydraulic lift cylinder is unloaded, the landslide condition, the principle of air discharge is in the range of the cone region, the compressed air is blown into the discharge port formed on the air cushion, the floating material is even, and the smooth pipe is quickly discharged. To avoid mutual friction and material particles generated between large areas, stirring and separating for a long time, compressed air generated by the air compressor pipe into the "nipple" type small air chamber of the tail box, the formation of "air knife", the tail is removed by the layer The material layer does not affect the structure of the material, and is formed by two mixing. Small consumption, low residual rate. Due to these characteristics, the model of the ready-mixed mortar truck can effectively solve the segregation problem in the discharge process of the ready-mixed mortar.
Introduction to ready-mixed mortar: The main advantages of ready-mixed mortar: factory production, product quality guaranteed products, a wide range of specifications, can meet all aspects of engineering needs; product performance is excellent, convenient, masonry, plastering, for the next One-step pump type, mechanical construction lays a solid foundation and significantly increases economic benefits; easy to transport and store, can reduce material loss and waste; is conducive to environmental protection and civilized construction, can make full use of industrial waste recycling economy; The development of bulk cement, the realization of logistics needs and the civilization of the times. China's ready-mixed mortar has a modern production scale. The promotion of ready-mixed mortar is to save resources, protect the environment, reduce urban noise and dust pollution, ensure the quality of project construction, and realize the comprehensive utilization of resources. With the national energy conservation and emission reduction, circular economy policy.
Produced by the ready-mixed mortar mortar commercial plant, it can make full use of a large amount of industrial waste (such as fly ash, steel slag, iron slag, silica fume, etc.) to reduce environmental pollution and land residues. According to the 2004 environmental report: China's national industrial solid waste output of 12 tons, an increase of 20% over the previous year, 55.7% of the comprehensive utilization rate, in solid waste coal gangue, fly ash, slag, silicon-aluminum slag, phosphorus slag accounted for the past ten For most of the year, recently, the development of fly ash concrete waste has entered a valuable renewable resource. This country uses billions of tons of building mortar every year, along with the development of ready-mixed mortar, steel slag, and iron slag, if fully utilized. In particular, the silicon-aluminum slag can save 10-15% in commercial concrete and ready-mixed mortar cement, and the economic and social benefits will be more prominent (see "Application of Silica-Aluminum Powder in Ready-mixed Mortar"). On the other hand, the full use of industrial waste and waste rock can greatly reduce the use of natural river sand and will make a significant contribution to the environment and resources.
China's ready-mixed mortar has a preliminary modern production scale, but the mortar mixture is transported, stored, transported, and air transported to provide different degrees of isolation. Although on the windshield, the guide groove, the gas is transported to reduce the isolation of the mortar, but because of the short distance of the lower spiral mixing tank (mixing time is short, mixing), the effective volume is small, the mortar has different degrees of separation, can be Change the mixing; due to the defect of the mortar, and the mixed mortar with insufficient defects, resulting in incorrect setting, delamination, unsatisfactory work performance and construction performance, the mixed mortar was initially applied to artificial mixing on the wall or floor construction in the floor construction water Greatly improved labor intensity and construction workers' costs, affecting civilized construction.

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