Current market conditions for redispersible latex powder

Experts said that in the domestic practitioners involved in re-dispersible latex powder, some producers or the so-called technical person in charge of re-dispersible latex powder can only be said to be ignorant, do not clearly understand the real production principle and process of re-dispersible latex powder.To know the production can be dispersed emulsion powder is not a simple put some lotion on spray drying (commonly known as from milk market into milk powder) is ok, need to add in the vinyl products the ratio of liquid milk, is to have cultured, appropriate proportion to guarantee to produce a product with good properties such as viscosity, flexible and alkali resistance, or simply produce qualified products. 
For the past two years the domestic to disperse latex powder appeared on the market many products phenomenon after the match, the expert calls is imitation alternative products, from them with conventional product is unable to distinguish clearly, the scene for a simple test can pass, and the price is very cheap, is to withstand the test of time, to join and exterior wall thermal insulation system on the wall, after less than two or three months there is a big problem.Reporters learned from many aspects, the current external wall insulation market empty drum, cracking and falling off and other problems, and the use of unqualified re-dispersible latex powder has a big implication.Reporter from a starch company in charge of the conversation that there are many enterprises in large quantities to purchase their products.Some say the starch company essentially produces food starch, while others say they source the company's starch ether products.Can again disperse latex powder can add edible starch or starch ether products?If you can add, what percentage should you add?The reporter did not seek evidence to relevant expert about this matter.Also somebody discloses to the reporter, have a few enterprises to regard calcium powder as the advocate raw material that produces but disperse latex powder again, reduced the dosage that produces but disperse latex powder main composition again, the product that produces still is unqualified.Some experts said that the so-called redispersible latex powder compounding products, the composition of the ratio of materials is actually a lot of real production can be re-dispersible latex powder raw materials did not add, add some other irrelevant materials, they do not play any role.In addition, some enterprises still use traditional additive products, and some even mix domestic products with imported products, resulting in low quality of external wall insulation system and dry mix mortar. 
At the same time, the people concerned also indicated that the re-dispersible latex powder market present difficulties, is completely caused by the industry enterprises do not in accordance with the standard requirements, in order to get rid of the current problems, the relevant enterprises must do a few aspects of work: one is to achieve re-dispersible latex powder products of domestic, reduce costs.The second is to set the industry access threshold, improve the standard application level of products, strengthen the detection of products, to achieve the survival of the fittest, do not meet the requirements of enterprises out of the market as soon as possible.Third, related enterprises should increase investment in scientific research, through independent research and innovation, develop advanced production technology, achieve the redispersible latex powder products domestic performance qualitative leap.Fourth, improve the performance of existing re-dispersible emulsion powder products, improve the construction operability of external wall insulation system and dry mix mortar products.Fifth, according to the market demand, develop more special mortar products that meet the market needs, and constantly expand the application field of products.Only in this way, re-dispersible powder market can usher in a good development environment. 

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