The advantage of redispersible polymer powder in construction

Redispersible polymer powder is a kind of free-flowing white powder,which is spray-dryed by polymer emulsion and after subsequent treatment to keep the stability of powder appearance and character. The mainly application is in construction dry-mixed mortar, and have excellent performance in increasing the dry mortar cohesion,adhesion and flexibility.
The advantage of redispersible polymer powder:
The dispersible polymer powder is dispersed to form a film and acts as a second adhesive to enhance the effect.
The protective colloid is absorbed by the mortar system it will not be destroyed by water after film formation, or "secondary dispersion".
The film-forming polymer resin is distributed as a reinforcing material throughout the mortar system, thereby increasing the cohesion of the mortar.
The advantage of redispersible polymer powder in wet mortar:
Improve construction performance
Improve flow performance
Increase thixotropic and sag resistance
Improve cohesion
Extend the opening hours
Enhanced water retention.
The advantage of redispersible polymer powder after mortar solidification:
Increase tensile strength;
Increase the bending strength;
Reduce the modulus of elasticity;
Improve deformability;
Increase material density;
Increase wear resistance;
Increase the cohesive strength;
Reduce the depth of carbonization;
Reduce material water absorption;
Make the material have excellent water absorption (add water-based rubber powder)

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