What are the components of redispersible latex powders ?

The redispersible latex powder is usually white powder. Its main components include:
1. Polymer resin: located in the core of rubber powder particles, it is also the main component of re-dispersible latex powder, such as polyvinyl acetate/vinyl resin.
2, additives (in) : together with the resin to modify the resin, such as reducing the film temperature of the resin plasticizer (usually vinyl acetate/ethylene copolymer resin does not need to add plasticizer).Not every rubber powder has additives.
3. Protective colloid: a layer of hydrophilic material wrapped on the surface of re-dispersible latex powder particles. Most protective colloid of re-dispersible latex powder is polyvinyl alcohol.
4, additives (outside) : in order to further expand the performance of re-dispersible emulsion powder and add materials.Such as the addition of super superplasticizer in some flow AIDS in the rubber powder.As with additives, not every re-dispersible emulsion powder contains this additive.
5, anti-caking agent: fine mineral filler, mainly used to prevent the caking of rubber powder in the storage and transportation process and facilitate the flow of rubber powder (from the paper bag or tanker).
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