Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose widely used in building materia

A. Latex and latex building materials
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose are mainly used for thickening effect, make the coating to achieve the expected storage and construction viscosity, in the storage process does not occur serious stratification phenomenon, in the use of the process does not appear dripping and sagging phenomenon.Due to their strong water absorption capacity, they can quickly absorb a large amount of water, greatly increasing their volume and expansion.So the addition of emulsion, can increase its viscosity, so as to achieve the purpose of thickening.However, it should be noted that since their addition can reduce the water resistance of the emulsion, in guiding the client to use these products, the dosage should be minimized under conditions of emulsion viscosity, that is, try to produce and use high viscosity and large molecular weight cellulose ether.
B. Underwater anti-discrete concrete
Piers and Bridges are often built underwater, but plain concrete is not strong enough to solidify underwater.The addition of cellulose ether can not disperse the concrete when pouring in water, nor reduce the loss caused by flooding (0.1%~1.0%).Even in the case of water flow, it can ensure the formation and solidification of concrete.
C. Exterior wall insulation surface mortar
The improvement of living standard requires modern buildings to have certain thermal insulation performance.In the measures emphasized by the government, strong Suggestions are put forward for the insulation performance of the wall.At present, the most commonly used is to paste a layer of foam polystyrene board on the straight line of the exterior wall surface, and then apply a layer of surface mortar on the outside, but the bonding performance of foam polystyrene board and surface mortar is poor.However, adding cellulose ether in mortar can not only increase the binding force between them, but also can easily improve the workability and water holding capacity of mortar, making mortar not easy to crack.
D. Cement based gypsum mortar
The addition of cellulose ether, such as hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, can improve the uniformity of slurry, make the coating of mortar easier, improve the sag resistance, improve the fluidity and pumping, improve the workability, and thus improve the construction efficiency.Cellulose ether, due to its high water retention, can prolong the working time of mortar, improve the working efficiency, generate higher mechanical strength in the solidification process, control air penetration, eliminate cracks in the coating, and improve the surface smoothness.
E. Cement mortar for self-leveling floors
Low viscosity cellulose ether is widely used in self-leveling.Self-leveling is a very advanced construction technology.Because whole ground is natural level off, the interference of construction personnel is very little, compare with former manual level off, flatness and construction speed had very big rise.Dry mixing time makes use of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose good water retention property, so that dry mixing time to achieve self-leveling.Since self-leveling requires the well mixing mortar to be self-leveling on the ground, the amount of water material is relatively large.Adding hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose can control the water holding capacity of the surface after pouring, resulting in less bleeding, high strength and shrinkage after drying, thus greatly reducing cracks.In addition, the addition of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose can also provide viscosity, as an anti-sedimentation additive, enhance liquidity and pumping, improve the efficiency of the floor.
F. Masonry mortar
The addition of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose can increase the binding force with the masonry surface, improve the water holding capacity of mortar, and improve the strength of mortar.At the same time, it can significantly improve workability, lubricity, construction performance and efficiency.For high water holding mortar, it is also suitable for the construction of high water absorbing brick.
G. Squeeze concrete slab
The addition of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose can improve the construction performance of extrusion products, improve the bonding strength, lubricity and construction efficiency, improve the wet strength of products and the bonding force of the substrate.

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