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HPMC Properties

1.Resistance to salting out
HPMC is a nonionicic cellulose ether and it is not a polyelectrolyte. The aqueous solution of HPMC is comparatively stable even in.

2. Presence of metal salts or organic electrolytes
However, when the concentration of electrolytes exceeds a certain limit gelation and precipitation may result.

3. Surface activity
An aqueous solution of HPMC has a high surface activity and functions as a protective colloid agent, emulsion stabilizer and dispersant

4. Thermal gelation
An aqueous solution of HPMC will gel or precipitate when heated to a certain temperature, but it reverts to the original solution state on subsequent cooling.The temperature at which gelation or precipitation occur depends on the type of HPMC, its concentration and the rate of heating.

5. PH stability
The viscosity of an aqueous solution of HPMC is hardly affected by acid or alkali. Therefore, the solution viscosity tends to keep stable during prolonged storage.

HPMC Application
● Tile Adhesive ● Water-based Paint ● Self-leveling Compound ● Gypsum Manual Plaster ● Extruded Cement Panels ● Base Coat Manual Plaster ● Top Skim Coat Manual Plaster ● Tile grout, Joints, Crack Fillers ● Exterior Insulation, Finish System




white powder

Methoxy content ,%


Hydroxypropyl content,%




Moisture ,%


Residue (Ash) ,%


PH Value


Fineness, mesh



 in the shade


 25kg per bag

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