hydroxy propyl methylcellulose for tile adhesive

Chemical name: Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose
English description:Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose
English abbr.: HPMC
hydroxy propyl methylcellulose for tile adhesive
Physical and chemical features
(1) Water-soluble
Can be dissolved in water, the maximum concentration only depends on viscosity .
(2) Organic-soluble
Dissolve in some organic solvents, such as an appropriate proportion of ethanol / water, propanol / water, dichloroethane, and mixtures of two solvent system consisting of an organic solvent.
(3) with inert in non-ionic
It is non-ionic cellulose ether, not produce insoluble precipitate when mix with metal or other ions
(4) gelation when heating
It’s aqueous solution will form a gel when heating, but the gel becomes aqueous solution after cooled.
(5) Surface activity
Providing a surfactant in the solution, emulsion and  protecting colloid, offering stability.
(6) Suspension
Prevents precipitation of solid particles and thus inhibit the formation of precipitates
(7) protect colloid
To prevent droplets and particle agglomeration or coagulation
(8) adhesion
Used as excellent pigment, adhesion for tobacco, paper products.
(9) Retain moisture
It can retain moisture on cement board , brick and other porous surfaces .
(10) Film formation
Can form a tough, flexible transparent film for anti-greasy.
(11) pH valve stable
use in  PH3.0-11.0 condition.
(12) Tasteless and odorless,  not affected by the metabolism.
hydroxy propyl methylcellulose for tile adhesive
1) Gypsum base glue area binder and grout;
2) cement bricks, bonding for tile and base layer;
3) plasterboard putty;
4) structure putty of the cement mortar;
5) formula of paint and paint remover.

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