Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose used in putty powder

With the use and understanding of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, I believe many friends know that now putty powder will basically add it.Today we need to understand the use of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose putty powder.
Thickening: can thicken and suspend, make the solution uniform, anti - hanging.
Water retention: putty powder drying slowly, auxiliary calcium calcium reaction under the action of water.
Improve processing: because the product has lubrication, so can make putty powder has a good structure.It doesn't participate in any chemical reactions, only plays a supporting role.Putty powder adds water to the wall.It's a chemical reaction.As a result of the formation of the new material, putty powder is put on the wall of the wall, ground into powder, and then use it, because it has formed a new material (calcium carbonate).)) the main composition of calcium grey powder is: Ca (OH) 2, CaO and a small amount of CaCO3 mixture, CaO + H2O = Ca (OH) 2-ca (OH) 2 + CO2 = CaCO3 + water and carbon dioxide in the air to form the effect of calcium carbonate, while HPMC only holds water to help calcium grey better reaction, it itself has not participated in any reaction.
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