HPMC - The method for dissolution and usage

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose is a non-ionic ,water soluble cellulose ether that form films, water-retentions, stability, adhesiveness, especially widely used for construction materials because it is chosen to enhance adhesion, water retention, and lubricity, shrink and crack resistance. modified cellulose ethers improve on the slippage, brittle resistance to pressure and tensile sex. Therefore, for cement and plaster based motors, will be your best choice. It's white or off-white powder ,non-toxic tasteless, and readily soluble in hot or cold water.
(1), Heating 1/3or 2/3of the hot water to85°c add with hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, to get hot water slurry, add with the residual cold water, keep stirring, obtain the mixture after cooling.
(2), To make porridge liquor: firstly, make hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose into mother liquor with higher concentration (methods are same as making above slurry), add with enough cold water and continue to stir until transparent when use.
(3), Dry mixed use: because hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose has excellent compatibility, which can be conveniently used together with cement, gypsum powder, pigment and filler dry mixed, and achieve the expected results.


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