china manufacture hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC constru

We are specialize in researching, developing, manufacture of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), and it also called Hypromellose . 
hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is raw white color powder made from refined cotton and chemicals, it is widely used in Gypsum Plasters,Tile Bond Mortar ,Joint Fillers  ,Repair Mortar,Cement Based Mortar,Concrete Based Mortar,Skim Coat,Wall Putty Powder,Self-leveling Compounds,Exteriorl Wall Insulation System / External Insulation and Finish System
china manufacture hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC construction grade used in building industry
CAS No.: 9004-65-3
1. water-soluble, non-ionic cellulose cellulose ether
2. odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, white powder
3. dissolved in cold water, forming a clear or slightly solution of thickening, binding, dispersing, emulsifying, film-forming, suspension, adsorption,gel, surface activity, water retention and protective colloid.
Appearance White or off white powders
Carbonized Temperature 280-300ºC
Dry Loss, WT% ≤5
Methyl Content, WT% 28.0-30.0
Hydroxypropyl Content, WT% 4.0-12.0
Ph(1% solution, 25ºC) 7.0±1.0
Gel Temperature ºC 58-65
Fineness, mesh 100-120
Viscosity (2% solution, 20ºC,mpa.s) 100000-200000

Appearance: White powder.
Particle size: 98.0%min through 100mesh.
Charring temperature: 280-300 Deg.C.
Bulk density: 0.25-0.70g/cm3(Usually around 0.5g/cm3)
Real specific gravity: 1.26-1.31
Browning temperature: 190-200 Deg.C.
Surface tension (2% water solution):42-56 dyn/cm.
Package & Storage information:
Standard Packing : in 25kg pp bags inner with pe bags
Store in cool and dry environment
Shelf Life :12 months

china manufacture hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC construction grade

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JinZhou HPMC cellulose co.,ltd,founded in 2008,we specialize in manfacture cellulose ethers for more than 10 years,our mainly product include Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose(HPMC),Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC),Redispersible Emulsion Powder/Redispersible Polymer Powder(RDP).