hpmc performance

hpmc performance
There are many performance of HPMC cellulose ether , so the hydroxypropyl methylcellulose hpmc can be used in many fields . hpmc cellulose are widely used in construction and building materials , tile adhesive , putty powder , paint remover, leather, ink, paper, etc., as thickener, adhesive, water retention agent, film forming agent, setting agent, etc.Such as building materials in the binder, thickener, water retention agent, coating industry film agent, thickener, also widely used in the petroleum drilling, daily chemical industry.
The performance of hpmc . 
the property:
hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is a white or off-white powder and it is odorless, non-toxic and forms a clear colloid in aqueous solution.
Water retention: MPMC can reduce the volatilization of water and assist the reaction of ash calcium under the action of water.
Thickening: HPMC cellulose can be thickened to suspend, keep the solution evenly uniform, and resist sag.
After mixing HPMC with cold water for about 10 minutes, the mixture will become sticky and form a transparent viscous liquid. Its thickening ability depends on its viscosity. Our company’s viscosity can be produced from 2000mpa.s to 200,000 mpas.
Lower ash content :
hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is non-ionic type, can be cleaned with hot water in the preparation process, effective refining, ash content is low, about 2%-5%.
PH stability:
The viscosity of hpmc cellulose aqueous solution is relatively stable within the range of pH 3.0-10.0.Less than 3 or more than 10, the viscosity will be greatly reduced, HPMC in pure water has no viscosity.
Water retention:
It has a high viscosity, can lock water, water evaporation slowly.Therefore, it is used as a water-retaining agent for cement/putty.
Good lubricity.It can improve the workability of putty mortar.In honeycomb ceramics, good lubricity is beneficial to extrusion molding.
Mildew resistance:
It has good anti-mildew effect and is not easy to deteriorate.In cosmetic applications, it prevents layering/mildew.
Film forming properties:
After be bored with child pink besmear at metope, be bored with child pink surface forms dense film, in honeycomb pottery and porcelain, product surface shows circle and exquisite.

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