Construction grade Chemicals HPMC cellulose ether 9004-65-3

Construction grade Chemicals HPMC cellulose ether 9004-65-3
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC)
Appearance : Milky white or white powder
Carbonization temperature : 280-300 %
Color temperature:   190-200 %
Particle size: 100 mesh pass rate is greater than 98.8%;80 mesh pass rate 99.9%;The particle size of special specification is 40-60 mesh
Apparent density: 0.25-0.70g/cm(usually about 0.5g/cm), specific gravity: 1.26-1.31
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose also known as hpmc cellulose , fiber bundle hydroxypropyl methyl ether, is the selection of highly pure cotton fiber as raw material under alkaline conditions by special etherification and preparation.It has the characteristics of thickening ability, salt resistance, low ash content, PH stability, water retention, dimensional stability, excellent film forming, and extensive mildew resistance, dispersibility and adhesion.
Dissolving process:
HPMC will agglomerate when directly added to water and then dissolve. In this way it dissolves very slow and hard. Suggested methods as followers:
1. In hot water.
HPMC does not dissolve in hot water. The primary HPMC can be uniformly disperse in hot water. Then cool down in two ways:
a) Add hot water in container and heated to over 70. Add HPMC gradually while slowly, stir. At the beginning, HPMC float on the top of water, then turns into slurry state stir and cool down.
b) Add water in container to 1/3 or 2/3 of its content. Heated to over 70 add HPMC by sequence of a). Make it disperse to form slurry state. Add cool water or ice to the resideual content, stir and cool down the mixture.
2. Powder combination.
Mix HPMC with identical volume of other powder, disperses them sufficiently then add water to the
soluble in water and some solvents, such as appropriate proportion of ethanol/water, propanol/water.The aqueous solution has surface activity, high transparency and stable performance.
It is widel used as thickener, adhesive, water preserving agent, film-forming agent in construction, building materials, dispersion coating, wallpaper paste, polymerization aids, leathers, printing ink and paper making etc.l also used in petroleum drilling and daily-use chemicals
Net wt 15kg or 20kgs in cardboard drum with PE lining or coated PP woven bag, stored indoors in dry and draughty place; avoid rain and sunlight during transporting.

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