China international special cellulose high-end BBS

On June 10, the first "China international high-end special cellulose " with the theme of "science and technology breakthrough imagination" was launched in jinan, shandong province.The BBS to comprehensive, systematic interpretation of special cellulose industry policy, focus on the development of the whole industrial chain, from the level of science and technology into international technology, link to the latest domestic research and development results.
More than 100 representatives from the whole industrial chain of radiation special cellulose from all over the country attended the meeting.This year BBS has four sections: China international special cellulose entrepreneur BBS, China international special cellulose development summit, China international functional cellulose innovation BBS, and China international special cellulose development summit.At the same time, BBS invites technical experts, designers, distribution channels, owners and buyers to conduct in-depth interactive exchanges with enterprises in the industry, promoting the promotion and application of new technologies and products in the industry, and creating a new pattern of green, environmental protection, technological upgrading and development of mortar industry.
Are invited, Jinzhou HPMC technical director liu chang did on BBS of the hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether viscosity affect the performance of ceramic tile adhesive, speech, through professional technical advice and sharing, interpretation of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose effect on the properties of ceramic tile adhesive and tin in shandong and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose type of recommendation, guide the broad masses of stable and reliable production enterprise by choosing the hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether products, according to the specific situation, scientific ratio and the use, so as to optimize the production process and products.
Special cellulose summit

Jinzhou HPMC technical director liu chang do the hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose viscosity affect the performance of ceramic tile adhesive, sharing in recent years, with the constant improvement of the national construction environmental requirements, the corresponding local standards, and policies and regulations, promote to meet the requirements of environmental protection of ready-mixed mortar has become an important task of the competent department of the local construction.As one of the leading enterprises in the domestic hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose industry, Jinzhou HPMC cellulose co., ltd. has a number of invention patents and key technologies, we take advantage of this BBS, mutual learning and exchange with colleagues in the industry, and seek common development of the industry.In the future, shandong chuangyao biotechnology co., ltd. will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation and devote itself to providing high-quality hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose for mortar industry.


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